Capoeira de Besouro (English)

CDO Hamburg is happy to introduce you Capoeira de Besouro II, with special participation of Mestre Suassuna from Cordao de Ouro.

With our second big workshop we want to continue the history of last year: to bring together people from different places, with different languages and cultures.
But all are united trough the Capoeira. Pure Capoeira, that we all bear, without opression. The Capoeira, where an Angoleiro claps his hand in a roda of Bimba, and a Capoeirista Regional, with scarf etc, sings a ladainha at the feat of the berimbau.

Pure Capoeira has no limits, shes creative, accomplish the impossible and carries it on. A Capoeira of brave fighters, who have no need to display their challenges like trophys.

A Capoeira is already a winner, just because s/he choosed Capoeira. And the most important trophys are the friendships, which arise on every roda, every workshop.
Capoeira is the sublime manifestation of a free culture, and the truth of inner overcoming. In the roda of Capoeira, the Roda do Mundo, the Roda of life.

In memory of Besouro Cordao de Ouro, brave warrior, who fought for the liberation of all his people and his culture, CAPOEIR DE BESOURO II will lead us to a new part of this journey.



Grande Mestre Suassuna - Cordao de Ouro
Mestre Esquilo - Cordao de Ouro BH, Brasil
Mestre Boca Rica - Cordao de Ouro Barcelona, Spain
Mestre Bailarino - Raizes Internacional Berlim, Germany
Mestre Pelezinho - Menino Bom Braunschweig, Germany
Contra Mestre Primo - Cordao de Ouro Bologna, Italy
Contra Mestre Marcelo Assombroso - Cordao de Ouro Rostock, Germany
Contra Mestre Ceguinho - Cordao de Ouro Enschede, Holand
Contra Mestre Forro - Capoeira Angola Marrom e Alunos Hannover, Germany
Contra Mestre Marcelo Finco - N'Golo Ia Muanda Atenas, Greece
Professor Foguinho - Cordao de Ouro Azania Berlin, Germany
Professor Baixo - Cordao de Ouro Konstanz , Germany
Professor Alemao - Cordao De Ouro Frankfurt, Germany
Professora Jana - Cordao De Ouro München, Germany
Professor Soldado - Aruanda Hamburg, Germany
Treinel Toca - Fica Berlin, Germany
Instrutora Estrelinha - Cordao De Ouro Israel
Instrutor Queijo - Cordao De Ouro München Germany

...and there´ll be more!

2-3 days: 90€
1 day: 50€



For the participation at Capoeira de Besouro ll it´s necessary to fill out the registration formular. It helps us a lot with the organisation of the event and the party!

Especially for those who need a place to stay, it´s important to register as aerly as possible!


Click here for the registration...



We´re happy to see you soon! :)


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